The Journey Summer 2012

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The Journey Summer 2012

The Journey is a magazine that we produce that is filled with local stories about regular people on a their journey of faith.  It’s inspirational and one of our most popular projects in the High Country.

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  1. Your story about Peyton having that terrible accident was so inspiring, that I wrote a poem about her and her family.
    I don’t have a name for it, but perhaps it should be entitled “Ode to Peyton”.
    Just four years old
    From Avery county
    Little Peyton was her name.
    She wasn’t aware of any danger.
    Nor the life that that cross would claim

    It happened out at VBS camp.
    Where children learn what lifes about.
    Her mom and dad tried hard to revive her.
    But it was too late, her life was out.

    A tearful cry came from her mother.
    Her daddy held her little hand.
    They carried her body to the car they drove in.
    They knew she’d be burried in the warm, soft land.

    They had the funeral for little Peyton.
    A few days after her accident.
    Mama cried as the pastor read scriptures.
    And the folks at the funeral knew thiis little girl is heaven sent.

    Now why would God take a little child.
    One that’s pure, with a radiant smile.
    Peyton’s now up in Heaven.
    Sitting next to the Lord, so sweet and mild.
    We all must hold each other close.
    Young, old and in between
    For if we don’t we’ll miss the reason.
    Why we’re here on this Earth, so beautiful and scirene.

    Thayer Jordan

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